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Rangkaian Produk-Produk Ayam Organik
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

ORGANIC QUALITY CHICKEN: Probio Chicken and the probiotic + herbal chicken meat


PROBIO CHICKEN TM is a domestic fowl / commonly called broiler that is processed by substituting antibiotics and all kind of chemical substance with probiotics and herbals at the husbandry. We call this process as PRONIC® system, which also applicable to any kind of agricultural products.

What is PRONIC system?

PRONIC® stands for Probiotic – Organic Solutions for Ultimate Healthy Food. Probiotic means microbes which affect positive reactions to the growth of every living organism. As we know, probiotic has already been consumed by human, manufactured by several brand names for its benefit of supporting and optimizing digestion system. By giving probiotics to animal feed and plants, will also enhance the healthiness of these organisms and at the same time gives the same positive effect to human whose consume them.

PRONIC® system which applies on PROBIO CHICKEN TM uses Probiotic and Organic substances to chicken feed, drink water and farm houses. The system will provide optimum healthiness to chicken in husbandry, as well as the surrounding environment of the corral, following also at the slaughtering and cleaning process.

The improvement of the health of the chicken will also enhance the quality of the meat, to achieve its optimum natural eminence.

Husbandry Process

PRONIC® uses qualified Day Old Chick / DOC to assure best quality chicken, and to get the optimum healthiness of the breed. From the day one, those DOC feed by selected poultry food, combined by probiotic and herbals. This process will substitutes as well as eliminates all chemical substance usually uses for nurturing chicken.

PRONIC® also implementing hygienic standard for drinking water. All water resources filtered before being use, to assure there are no contaminant of chemical substance and harmful microbes.

In terms of conditioning the farmhouse, especially at it’s base ground, PRONIC® system will suppress the population of harmful microbes with a very healthy and environment friendly approach. Using probiotic instead of chemical such as disinfectant will not affect negatively to the chicken. And in the same time, will protect water, soil and air pollutant because PRONIC® system will compose the excrement instantly and completely. This natural process simultaneously will prevent methane gas to flow up to the air and protect ozone / glasshouse effect.

Slaughtering Process

PRONIC® system applies Halal Slaughtering and Cleaning method, with probiotic and filtered water implementation upon process to assure the optimum quality of chicken meat and attain high standard of healthiness.

This system will also eliminate the use of chlorine and formalin, which usually emerge on regular unhealthy slaughtering process. With strictly filtered water to facilitate free chlorine and other chemical contamination within water, will give surety to the utmost quality of fresh chicken meat complied.

People Farmers

PRONIC® implements all this system unto numerous farmers, in Bogor, Parung, Sukabumi and also Lampung area. Since 2001, PRONIC® system enhances small farmers income, as they will get healthier farms, better survival rate, more effective feed and more efficient nursing period.

As recognition of Pronic’s vision and mission, this system implementation is believed to bring higher benefit to the farmers, to the customers as well as to the environment.

The Quality of Meat

The characteristics of the meat can significantly notify as follow:

  • Higher Natural Taste
  • Less Layer of Fat
  • Low Bad Cholesterol
  • No trace of Escherichia coli & Salmonella
  • No Chemical Residues
  • Uses no Chemical nor Preservative Agent for Slaughtering & Cleaning

The difference can also distinguishes by the less stinky odor, denser meat, longer period of storage & easier to cut.

PROBIO CHICKEN TM is not a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO). Every improvements made by PRONIC® system are purely natural and organic, optimizing the nature potential for every agricultural foodstuffs.

Hence PROBIO CHICKEN TM is 100% safe and environment friendly too. By consuming PROBIO CHICKEN TM one can get off of digestive system imbalance which can cause cancer, blood problem, etc.

It has been proven that since 2004, PROBIO CHICKEN TM has it’s loyal customers especially from autistic community. To them, this chicken are well known as safe, favorable to children for it’s full yet tender meat, more delicious and tasteful.

The Company

PRONIC® is a name of a system & products under Pronic Indonesia, PT. a collaboration between Essicipta Lestari, PT. and several shareholders to create healthy food. Essicipta Lestari, PT. is a company whose already exist with its products named Probio Food TM since 2003, and already field-testing the system and the products of probiotic named TUMBUH® since 2000.

There are a lot of field-test already been done by Essicipta Lestari, PT. in the chicken husbandry spread from Bogor to Tangerang area. The system has already been proven to have a good result in husbandry as well as the quality of the chicken meat.

Essicipta Lestari, PT. also supported by expertise from microbiology, chicken husbandry, agronomist and organic toxicologist.

Started from 2007 Pronic Indonesia, PT. re-organized the management including marketing of the product processed by PRONIC® system


June 2010

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